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Author Topic: Any recent stem cell experience for cartilage damage?  (Read 296 times)

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Any recent stem cell experience for cartilage damage?
« on: July 09, 2020, 04:16:17 AM »
I have grade 3 chondromalacia on medial facet and apex of patella, grade 3 chondromalacia on trochlea of femur, and grade 1 on chondromalacia on medial and lateral tibiofemoral joint spaces.

Just had an appointment with Dr. Joseph Purita, here is the summary of what he said:

1) Given my situation, the best option is to do just one injection of bone marrow+fat aspirate+PRP (with about 3 follow-up laser or patch treatments), it will change chemistry of knee (like laying a new interface) to make symptom free. He claimed that 85% of his patients have 70+% improvement. Considering that I am 37, he does not think I need second PRP. The goal is to buy me 10 years of time till higher concentration of stem cell available

2) He doesn't think lipogems is cost efficient and had stopped doing it though he is the first guy who used it. The "fat" he does will do the same job.

3) No surgery is suitable for me including Dr. Saw's procedure (drilling+stem cell for cartilage regeneration) as Dr. Saw's drilling is in femur or tibia but NOT for patella cartilage (He said he met Dr. Saw several times and know his procedure)

Can any guru here kindly provide some comment? Thank you!
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