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Author Topic: Help! Chronic Behind Knee Pain – 2.5 Years and ongoing!  (Read 213 times)

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Help! Chronic Behind Knee Pain – 2.5 Years and ongoing!
« on: June 10, 2020, 05:27:06 PM »
Hi Forum,
I am a 32 year old that has been suffering from chronic knee pain for 2.5 years following a sports injury. I have had an operation, seen countless doctors and physios and don’t know what to do next. Below is a summary of my issues (a short, and longer version is attached as a PDF). If anyone has any ideas at all, I would be eternally grateful.
Thank you very much,

Executive Summary:
Following a sports injury 2.5 years ago, I developed persistent swelling and pain behind my left knee. Symptoms included tightness, muscle pain, and swelling, all located typically behind the knee. Generally, no pain was felt within the knee itself. An MRI indicated a loose body in the knee, and arthroscopy surgery removed it. Pain persisted, characterized by bouts of behind the knee swelling and pain following moderate sports. Pain associated with each flair up would typically last 1-3 months, during which time I was able to walk, and occasionally ice skate, but essentially no other physical activities. Twice during this time, fluid was drained from my knee and provided considerable relief. New MRIs indicate an atypical ganglion cyst in my knee. Uncertain if this is causing the behind the knee pain. Other thoughts have included L5 nerve issues, rheumatoid arthritis (discounted from blood work), tendinitis (popliteus or other), knee pain resulting from an earlier ankle injury that causes my ankle to roll inwards. Prior to the injury 2.5 years ago I was very healthy. I did have a successful arthroscopic surgery on the same knee approximately 15 years prior, when a loose body was also extracted.

I am currently seeing a physiotherapist and working on the ankle injury in hope it may provide some relief. I am also scheduled to see a knee specialist this month.

I've also attached a longer detailed version to this post if anyone has any ideas at all. Many thanks.
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Re: Help! Chronic Behind Knee Pain – 2.5 Years and ongoing!
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2020, 07:00:38 PM »
This might be of interest

Seems to be linked to cycling for you...hamstring issue?
Came off bike onto concrete 9/9/09
LK arthroscopy 8/2/10
2nd scope on 16/12/10
RK arthroscopy on 5/2/15
Lateral meniscus trim, excision of hoffa's fat pad, chondral stabilisation
LK scope 10.1.19 medial menisectomy, trochlea microfracture, general tidy up