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Author Topic: Burning pain and swelling for 9 months. Suddenly swelling increases. Help please  (Read 326 times)

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I have knee burning pain&swelling on top right side of the knee for past 9 months.doing PT for past 6 months.No changes in my symptoms till today.

Had 2 MRIs. Been to multiple doctors.No proper diagnosis. MRI says mild lateral patella subluxation,mild chrondomalacia patella, congenitally prominent lateral trochlear ridge,developmental prominent Patella alta.

Burning pain is more whenever I stretch my legs straight&bend my knees while sitting.It burns more when I sit and lie down.I feel tight and stiffness in the knee.I feel my right side from hip to ankle in that leg is so tight and burns.But it burns more in the knee area.I am doing exercises everyday. There is no improvement in my burning pain or the Swelling. It was the same level of pain and swelling till last week. 

swelling is increased than usual in the last 3 days.pain is also more and snapping sound comes often in the knee.pinching needle pain inside knee while bending for past 3 days.
Swelling is not reducing.I tried icing and that doesn't help . It used to be same level of swelling last 8 has increased in past 3 days.can't go to doctor since lockdown.
Suddenly the swelling increases and the burning pain is more in the same spot. It's on the top right side of the knee. Lateral side. And on the top of the knee. Like a semi circle. It burns more in the last 3 days. Don't know why the swelling increases suddenly along with more pain. The pain is thought-out the day. Not even a single minute I am pain free. It's constant.  What could be the reason for this sudden increase in swelling. Is this normal in pfps? Please help with your inputs.

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It may be that you are intermittently subluxing, and if so it could be stressing the underlying bone? The subluxing may be aggravated by the increased fluid in the knee.

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Hi Userhere123,

Boy I am very sorry to read that your issues have gotten worse in the last little bit. Are you still not able to see someone about this?

As far as I know from all the reading Iíve done, external swelling is not a common complaint with PFPS, although one can have a feeling of fullness from an inflamed joint capsule.. Is there any chance ice and compression could help, like using a neoprene knee sleeve? How often do you ice? When I was icing I did it 3-4 times a day, for 20 minutes each session while lying on a bed with my knee elevated. Seemed to help after a month of that.

I really think you need a dr opinion (or more) for this one. Are you in the USA, I canít remember. I understand that depending on what state youíre in that itís still difficult to see someone.