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Author Topic: Anyone had/have tight IT band? What to do for that?  (Read 336 times)

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Anyone had/have tight IT band? What to do for that?
« on: May 05, 2020, 05:56:22 AM »
I had posted few threads about my knee issue. It's burning pain above and on the right side of my right knee. I have a swelling too. It's been there for past 8 months. I have the same level of burning pain and swelling on top and top right side of the knee.
I have this pain whenever I stretch and bend my knees. i.e while sitting, standing for more than few months and while lying down
Did PT for 4 months and doing home exercises now. Had 2 MRI. Been to three different doctors for options opinion. Nothing helps. No one has a definite answer and telling me to go for another opinion.
I got a referral from my second opinion doctor and the third doctor said I couldn't find anything. Go for another opinion.
I am so clueless that it keeps on going with doctor visits without any solution or findings. My MRI says lateral Patella subluxation and patella alta.
I'm not going to PT considering the current covid-19 situation. Today my pt mailed me to check how an doing. She is telling me to come in for a visit to check the progress or wants me to go back to my doctor to see what's the issue.
I don't have any follow-up doctor now. The doctor told me to go for another opinion and I am in search of another doctor. I am just holding back myself considering the current situation. PT said it will take more time for my issue to heal.
I feel if I am not been diagnosed properly. I feel the burning pain on the right side of the knee. Exactly on the right side of the right knee. And the whole leg on the right side feels burning and tight.
I do foam rolling thrice a week. It sometimes helps. How do we treat if it's IT band issue. What exercise do we need to do for tight IT band. Any inputs anyone.

Are you all going to PT irrespective of the current situation? How do you all cope up with the PT visits and exercises during this time?

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Re: Anyone had/have tight IT band? What to do for that?
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2020, 12:32:41 PM »
This thread may be helpful -

I would think that lateral subluxation and patella alta might still account for your symptoms if the subchondral bone is irritated.