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Author Topic: Ellison procedure??????  (Read 1349 times)

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Ellison procedure??????
« on: April 30, 2004, 01:11:54 AM »
Hi everyone,
I saw a new OS today for a 2nd opinion, because my knee has some stupid problems which has my usual OS is scratching his head over.
He was incredibly patient and listened very well.  He went through my past operation notes thoroghly with me.  I am now waiting for am MRI.
Anyway, I just found out that I had an Ellison procedure on my knee back in 1995.  (my OS was never too hot on communication!. Dont get me wrong, he has given me many years of fun sports after the 1st two ops).
Does anyone know exactly what an Ellison procedure is, it was done along with an ACL recon using patella tendon.  I also had a bone graft from my tibia at the same time, I think a notch plasty was done aswell, oh, and an extra lateral articular reconstruction.  I was not allowed to move my leg or get out of bed for 5 days after that op.  I thought my knee tickled (not) after that op.
I have a set of my records on their way to me.  I really want to know what other fun things have been done to my knee now.  
91 Mangled Right knee on trials motorbike
94 Meniscus Repair
95 ACL/LCLrec,notchplasty,bone graft
01 90% Menisectomy
02 Scope
03 ACLrec,LAD
04 Ch'plasty, ACLdeb,Suprapatella mbr ex, haematoma
04 Scope
March 06 Scaphoid op/bone graft
Nov 07 Thyroid Cancer ops x 2, radiation