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Author Topic: Stress Fractures???  (Read 90 times)

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Stress Fractures???
« on: February 19, 2020, 10:46:34 PM »
Hey guys haven't posted since last year when I had a breakdown from my knee pain. Anyway all is good now. I'm back to work, knee pain is gone. However, last week I was sprinting up my stairs at home and I landed funny in the left leg. The leg with the previous Tibia Plateau Fracture. I still have the hardware my Ortho doesn't want to out. I already had 2 surgeries in 2 years. And I felt a weird sensation. Nothing. Out of the ordinary, because I know what the metal feels like now. Carried on with my night. No pain or swelling. 3 days later my client at work noticed my shin was swollen. Found out it was 2inches more than my left. My Ortho saw me, did X-ray. Said everything is fine, just some swelling. Hardware bones look perfect as day 1. Monday and Tuesday if this week was agony. Standing on it at work. No way this is normal. Today still hurts but it does feel like it's slowly getting better. Does anyone think I might have a street fracture? I know they don't really show up on X-rays. More on MRIs