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Author Topic: Is this the new normal? 8 mo. after transverse patella fracture repair surgery  (Read 640 times)

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I have healed pretty well after surgery, ride bike, do weight training, hike, hoping to ski this winter.  Strength seems pretty much back to normal -total range of motion etc.  I still have pain in my knee - nothing huge, but pain in my knee if I am using it at all.  Also my knee pops if I am doing a single leg squat with no weight (stopped doing that).   When I my surgery was planned originally, the surgeon told me that the screws and wires would need to come out in a year.  After enduring the surgery and rehab I asked if there was any way I could keep the hardware in ( not really relishing the idea of another surgery)  He said I will know if hardware needs to come out.  So, I am wondering if these issues are due to the hardware?  Or is this just my new normal for my knee?  Do you ever get to a point where your knee feels normal again?  What is anyone's experience with the hardware removal surgery?

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Hi Jamilyn!

I have a post on hardware removal in the "Bone Breaks around the knee" section.  However, I had a TPF - not a patella fracture.  The recovery after surgery is much quicker and I am happy I did it.

Talk to your OS about potential reasons for popping and pain.

Wish you the best,