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Author Topic: Is my patella repair surgery inevitably going to fail and be horrendous  (Read 328 times)

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 :'(awaiting surgery for broken patella. Iím getting about in a splint now. I canít find any good news about this surgery or the results.
Broke femur on same leg five years ago.
Currently feeling so depressed and helpless at the prospect of being totally disabled again
Tripped on a rock,fell onto another rock breaking patella in half. Pretty terrified for the future
Broke femur on same leg 2014.

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Hi April,

When did you break it? Is it a bad fracture? and how soon will they operate?
I broke my patella on the 15th of September and they operated on the 16th. I have a transverse pole fracture and they surgically brought the parts together the next day. I had no pain when I broke it specially since I splinted it INSTANTLY but the pain after surgery was hectic. They got me on my feet the next day on crutches to use the bathroom and do minor things. By day 5 I was off all pain meds because the pain was very tolerable. By day 7 my knee was oding minor beds (It was and still is locked in a knee brace with maximum bending of 20 degrees). Doctor saw me 10 days post op and allowed to me start removing the brace to shower. I felt vulnerable without the brace the first time but day by day it got way better. I do minor house work like cook, pack laundry, sweep when I can as long as I do it in the brace and the crutches.

Impatiently waiting for my 7 week post op visit (was supposed to be at 6 weeks but the doctor is away). I still get a bit depressed about being at home, immobile, "disabled" and so useless at times that I know exactly how you feel. My first 10 days were the worst but now I kinda am just going with the flow. It is tough having a 5 yr old and a man that works away most the time and still need to try to do what you can with no other help around. (don't have family around so it is very tough at the moment).

I heard good things about patella surgery I don't think you should worry! Just make sure you get plenty of rest (easier said than done), let the physiotherapists give you minor exercises to do while in bed, DO NOT allow physiotherapists to push your knee beyond its capabilities because I've read about people getting it fractured again after they start physio. Stock up on fun snacks and plenty of things to watch and read. I converted my bedside table into a mini pantry and fridge haha honestly it was my saving grace. Even a kettle and all the accessories on the other bedside table for coffee and tea. I hate being dependent on anyway and kill me before you tell me I need to wear adult nappies or use a bedpan! So I had to muster up the strength to use the bathroom, wash up at the sink, use my good foot to help me do things I cant reach without bending (like putting socks on the foot on the broken side or put cream there haha). When there's a will there's a way. This forum helped me tremendously specially reading other people's experiences! If you wanna vent or chat hit me up in inbox!