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Author Topic: TTT, MPFL cut and MQTFL instead, reconstruction LR by Fulkerson, Tomorrow!  (Read 288 times)

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Hey everyone. Finally getting my PF joint stabilized tomorrow! Hopefully this time for good. Had an MPFL and LR November 2018, but have been now medially dislocating and subluxing ever since. Had my graft sutures out, scar tissues removed and damaged cartilage removed June 2019.

Going to Fulkerson himself in CT - I live in MA, but the drive should hopefully only be about an hour depending on what time I have to be there

Having my MPFL graft cut, it's too tight, and having an MQTFL put in instead

Having the TTT (which I had on my right knee at 17, I'm now 30) with anteromedialization with proximalization

and a "reconstruction infrapatella release" which I THINK is the closure of my lateral release I also had done Nov 2018 - we discussed doing this at my appt. He said he was going to close what needed to be closed of it.

Also having chrondroplasty and "fine tuning" as he sees fit once he gets in there.

To say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement!!

For some backstory - subluxations and maltracking since puberty, primarily was in the right knee. Now that is mostly stable, just arthritic. For the last 18 months this knee has been misery. Constant subluxations, several full patella dislocations. Needing tape and a tracking brace to keep it somewhat "in the groove". I've had a moderate effusion constantly since July. Can't do any short arc or long arc exercises without subluxations or catching. I have developed Patella Baja since October of last year as a result of the graft being too tight. When they (old OS not Fulkerson) went in in June to remove sutures and scar tissue, they found still more medial cartilage damage, which they also found in November.

I'm a little nervous because my last TTT was in patient, this is outpatient and a lot more, but it is 13.5 years later. I also have two young kids (8 this week - day after surgery!! - and 5) and am worried about overdoing it. After my surgery in November I had an infection immediately and ended up in the hospital for IV antibiotics at 3.5 weeks post op, and couldn't stop myself from overdoing it. This time my husband is working from home - he works 1 hour from home - for the first 2 weeks, and we've hired help at least in the ams after that and a neighbor will walk them home.

I have a full freezer, a clean bedroom and living room, and the ice machine my dad used with his knee replacement. Any other suggestions? Words of wisdom?

My experience with Fulkerson and his office staff so far has been a breeze logistically and I'm happy to answer any questions there.

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No wonder you're a bit nervous, it is a relatively big procedure! But keep calm and don't panic, I think you're in very good hands with Fulkerson and his staff :)

Please keep us updated on how things develop!

Good luck!
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Hi! I hope your surgery went smoothly and you're on the road to recovery.

I'm having a similar procedure done (first surgery ever!) and was curious how your experience has been thus far?