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Author Topic: Problems with rehab following injury 8 months ago..Do I have arthrofibrosis?  (Read 538 times)

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Hi everyone,

Long story but I'm starting to get very down about this and dont know where to go next.  Had a ski fall mid-Feb this year (live in French alps and ski regularly), hurt right knee, came home and followed RICE.. Saw physio 2 days later who thought I had torn meniscus, gave me basic exercises to do at home. 3-4 weeks in felt like it was getting better then around 4-5 weeks it seemed to start getting inflamed again, still hot joint and restricted ROM. 6 weeks in saw physio again who was puzzled by lack of movement but to keep exercising at home. 8 weeks in saw GP who suggested MRI scan and not to do much activity in meantime. Also at that time had ultrasound scan to check for Baker's cyst etc. but no cyst.  Walking became more difficult and started using a walking stick, and limiting movement. 10/11 weeks on had MRI scan.  Results suggested possible partial ACL tear and fluid in joint. Once I had results visited sports doc specialising in movement and orthopaedics. He said all problems caused by lack of movement of joint and referred me straight away to rehab centre for hydrotherapy followed by physiotherapy.  Lost walking stick and learned how to walk again after about 6 weeks of not walking properly. One month into rehab had regained some ROM but still some way to go. Had follow up with sports doc who thought 20 more sessions of rehab. In my rehab was mainly on exercise back, then leg presses, and some work on balance board. Saw doc again for follow up now 7 mnths following injury.  He seemed to think I was much better but I said I still suffered from regular stiffness in joint, inflammation from time to time, and still wouldnt feel able to run etc. As I was moving back to Alps region he prescribed more physio. Started with new physio back in Alps last week, suggested I had lots of work to do and even that perhaps something was missed on MRI scan.  Flex measured 110 degrees and extension is just short of 0 degrees i think (other knee is minus degrees though so look different).  Physio says hamstring on bag leg has shortened. I can see myself that my left kneecap is sitting lower than my right. Does this mean i have patella infera? Do I have arthrofibrosis? I am now just under 8 months following injury.  Honestly dont know where to turn.  Would have to find new doc in this region. If youve read all this, thanks for your patience and any advice on what course of action to take now would be appreciated.