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Author Topic: Insight Timer (Meditation App) & The Gratitude Formula  (Read 1434 times)

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Insight Timer (Meditation App) & The Gratitude Formula
« on: September 11, 2019, 10:48:32 PM »
I've baked into 2 things into my daily routine while in recovery:
  • Insight Timer (Meditation App): Great guided meditations when searching healing or injury.
  • The Gratitude Formula: A 7-Step Success System to Create a Life that You Love. I can summarize the 7 steps:
    • Read positive or uplifting story first thing when you wake up. (I use Good News App
    • Write gratitude letter. Start with what you're thankful for having then write what you want but in present tense of already having it. Example: Thank your the life I continue to have after my accident. I am grateful for the support of my family especially my mother who is assisting me 24/7. Iím grateful for the time off work to focus on recovery and rehabilitation. Iím grateful for the lesson to be learned from my accident and how I improve my life for the better moving forward. Iím grateful for my speedy recovery, getting mobility back for my leg, arm, and hand (making progress in PT and meeting scheduled plan). Iím grateful that the medical bills were at its lowest in network pricing with max out of pocket of $10k. Thank you for being the ultimate advisor who guides me to achieve all that I desire, require, and more. I now release these words to the universe and am confident and grateful that it is all done. With love and gratitude, [your name].
    • Read letter out loud
    • Imagine experiencing getting what you ask for
    • Expect leads and follow directions
    • Celebrate achievements
    • Offer gratitude and give forgiveness. At night, recite gratitude statements out loud for anything that happened during the day that youíre happy about. Lastly, recite the following: if there is anyone from my past or present that I need to forgive, whether I remember them or not, I now do so. I bless them, I love them, I forgive them, and I release them into your care, knowing that you will work with them in whatever way is best. And, if there is anyone from my past or present who needs to forgive me, including myself, they now do so, and we are all free to experience a higher and greater good in our lives.