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Author Topic: Partial ACL tear? (Soccer injury, twisted knee)  (Read 841 times)

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Partial ACL tear? (Soccer injury, twisted knee)
« on: August 22, 2019, 05:28:58 PM »
3 Months ago I twisted my knee while playing soccer. I was in a standing position, and I guess I went to twist when the planted foot gave up at the knee.

A lot of pain, and really bad swelling. I was able to limp to my car. No *POP* sound, but I did feel bone-on-bone friction. X-ray done the next day indicated no bone damage, ACL test revealed *a little give*. MCL and PCL are good. On pills the swelling went down, the pain went away and the physio workout went good too.

3 weeks pass by, and I try warm up with the team. Knee gives up again, this time a lot of pain. Down my outside of the shin to outside of my ankle and pain for 2 days after. Again, X-ray shows no bone damage, and also no indication of ruptured ligaments. ACL test shows a little give. Swelling not too bad. A lot of pain tho for the first 2 days.

another 3 weeks pass by. I try to warm up again, and a little give on the knee. Little painful, very little swelling. Knee specialist (surgeon too) says there may be some ACL damage but nothing confirmed until scan (still no scan, waiting).

I currently do my own physio routines: jogging (I can sprint no problem), light leg presses (only with the damaged knee), and steps (up and down only with the bad knee). These help strengthen the knee. Right now, no swelling on the outside, very limited pain, but after workouts a little swelling behind the knee.

Overall, I can walk, run, and climb stairs no issues. Squatting is hard because the knee still feels stiff and can't bend all the way. Keeping the leg straight is no problem. I can bend it just past 90 degrees but it gets harder and painful after that.

I have a small ACL brace with bilateral support but that didn't stop the side-motion of the knee during the last give-away ....or maybe it did and that's why the side-motion wasn't as much?

I know for sure my ACL isn't completely torn, else I'd have nun-chucks for a left leg (it also doesn't bend backwards and have good stability now, almost completely trusting it for pivots and turn during walks).

Question: How long for partial ACL heal? Some say a few weeks + physio, others a few months +physio. What's your experience?

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Re: Partial ACL tear? (Soccer injury, twisted knee)
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2019, 10:36:38 AM »
This article should give you some answers -

Your incident may also have damaged the meniscus, so keep that in mind.