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Author Topic: PCL Injury from 2015 giving me issues... should I be concerned?  (Read 2209 times)

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I used to be a gymnast. I tore my PCL when I lost direction in the air during a powerful front tumbling pass..... out of which I landed with both knees hyperextended and chest forward. Both knees shot fiery pain and throbbed painfully initially, but the left was obviously the worse one. Plus, I tore my left calf muscle and couldn’t put weight on a single toe or try to lift my leg without extreme pain.

I was originally misdiagnosed with a torn meniscus, then a torn MCL, and they finally decided my actual injury was a partially torn PCL— hanging on by a thread. Doctors and my parents decided against surgery. I was in physical therapy for about 7 months (after about a month in a knee immobilizer) to regain full range of motion and to build muscle around the injury.

I’ve had my issues with it, but they have gotten worse.

Probably the worst is an awful locking and popping sensation. If I sit with my legs folded, sometimes, when I move my knee out of that position, it locks up very painfully. It almost feels dislocated, but not nearly as painful. I have to pick my leg up with my hands when this happens and I move it agonizingly to straighten it, where it then “pops” painfully back into place. This happens at least twice a week.

I get sharp pains to my left of my patella, in the outer dip of my knee (the site of my injury, essentially). It makes me limp walk, but I don’t usually need to stop walking when it acts up. It does hurt though. I also sometimes get dull aching pains in that area that occasionally progress to sharp pains. Other times, my knee will suddenly feel very unstable and loose, like it wants to hyperextend.

If anybody could offer suggestions, I’d sincerely appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

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Re: PCL Injury from 2015 giving me issues... should I be concerned?
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2019, 08:49:05 AM »
Hi , have you considered using a brace to stabilise your knee till you decide what to do about the damage??
LK dislocation,  cartlege trim, 20% lateral meniscus removed
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