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Author Topic: muscle spasms/cramps/contractions/tremors  (Read 650 times)

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muscle spasms/cramps/contractions/tremors
« on: July 31, 2019, 11:24:35 PM »
  TKR April 22 2019.I am having (muscle spasms/cramps/contractions/tremors) what ever you want to call them.
They happen in back of my knee, quads and Hamstring sending my knee bending back in total contraction requiring my husband to straighten my leg to ease the pain. It happens just  when I go to sleep causing me excrutiating pain and can't help but holler out. I am taking magnesium, Potassium and just started muscle relaxers with no relief. Pain meds do not touch it. We have tried massage hot baths and heating pad. Surgeon says he doesn't know what causes it. Discouraging don't know what to do for relief. Anyone know of this issue and what might work for it.

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Re: muscle spasms/cramps/contractions/tremors
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2019, 05:56:59 PM »
Hi Jenny,

Have you tried compression stockings (thigh high)?  I had similar symptoms and would wake up at night with a leg that felt dead, had numbness, cramps, etc.  No massage, stretching, cold, hot, treatments would help calm these... Serendipitously, I discovered that the compression stockings helped!  I slept with the ones with less compression (8-12 mm Hg) and during the day I changed to the 15-20 mm Hg.  Symptoms went away after several months of this regime.  Just make sure that they do not form creases as then the compression increases at the crease zone...

Wish you the best in your recovery,