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Author Topic: can Corticosteroids injection negative effects be avoided if you rarely do them,  (Read 450 times)

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or do the negative effects still take place even if you rarely do them?

I've read that use of the medicationcan lead to damage of the tissues in the body.This may lead to softening of the cartilage in joints or weakening of the tendons or Thinning of nearby bone (osteoporosis). Would this happen even if you take the shots very rarely in the same area, or do the negative effects only happen if you take the shots frequently in the same area? I was considering using it along with aspiration for my bakers cyst, but if it can cause negative effects even if I did it for the first time I won't bother with it

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I believe most surgeons would allow a couple of steroid injections, but then call a halt. It is a difficult thing to give you an exact answer. See this paper, where Table 1 shows different clinical trials (RCTs) coming up with differing conclusions -