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Author Topic: SAD - LCL problems causing misery  (Read 710 times)

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SAD - LCL problems causing misery
« on: July 16, 2019, 04:38:56 PM »

In 2009 I had an op on my left knee to reconstruct my ACL following a skiiing injury.
After the op the surgeon told me he had noticed the LCL was loose so he had also repaired that. I was a little concerned as the rehab for both is different - ACL - immediate physio and movement, LCL - several weeks of immobility. Anyway I went with it as he convinced me he had done me a favour because I only had to have one operation and not fixing the LCL would most probably result in another ACL tear further down the line.

The post op images showed a number of stables in half way up the LCL one of which seemed to be half in half out. He said this was okay as the staple was in the muscle and that although there were other mechanical connectors available they all had their problems and he found staples to be the best option.

Between then and now I've had a number of incidents where I get pain in the side of my knee (not in the joint but at the sight of the staples) the pain sometimes runs right up my leg into my hip. It can be excruciating but then can suddenly go away just like that. An example would be trying to ride a bike and not being able to bring my leg around on the pedal without pain and then the all of a sudden no pain and I can cycle okay... I also have constant pain in the left side of my calf muscle which feels just like it is really tight but no amount of stretching, massage can loosen it up.

I had some more X-Rays done in 2018 and to my shock all but one of the staples has migrated to other areas of my knee.

My questions to the audience here then are:

1. Is the use of staples in an LCL a standard practice?
2. Could the migrated staples be the cause of my knee/leg pain.
3. Could the migrated staples be the cause of my calf pain.
4. What happens when all the staples have come loose - were they supposed to be a temporary fix while the ACL graft healed at each end or are they something that needs to be there permanently (please don't tell me my leg might fall off)

I've hopefully included links to images taken in 2014 and 2018 showing the staples.

I tried contacting the surgeon but have had no reply as yet

Any thoughts/advice gratefully recieved

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Re: SAD - LCL problems causing misery
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2019, 10:59:50 AM »
1. Yes, bone staples are pretty standard for LCL problems where the ligament has torn from the bone - see (but not for tears of the substance of the ligament).
2/3. Perhaps. Also consider peroneal nerve irritation - see

See also