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Author Topic: MPFL Conservative Treatment - No idea on restrictions, treatment etc.  (Read 429 times)

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Wow, I am very glad that I found this forum after reading countless medical articles and nights spent looking at the ceiling.
So, long story short; I ruptured my medio patellar femoral ligament exactly one month ago and doctors seem to have no care as to my questions. Here's hoping I can find some help here.

I have a full hinged knee brace right now and I am following a schedule where I increase flexion by 30 degrees every two weeks. The only instruction I got from my doctor is to apply ice as much as possible. But every time I raise flexion, my knee starts hurting for a day or two then goes back to normal? Is this normal or is there something wrong with having occasional pain during this period?
Another problem is that I am working a full-time job right now and I really wish to start using public transit and go to work myself since the guy who drives me work is a bit pain in the bottom right now. My doctor said I shouldn't be in full weight bearing mod right now and I am willing to use crutches. Is there any advice you guys could give me? What kind of problem have you had while using public transport?
Finally, what is the timeline for conservative treatment? Whem can I start walking by myself. I was never a sports guy and I don't play any contact sports. I just want to walk by myself again.
Thanks for advance guys. Love you all fellow mpfl veterans :*