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Author Topic: Non-Displaced Tibial Plateau Fracture and Weight Bearing Allowed?  (Read 450 times)

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Hello All:

About 3 weeks ago I took a very hard fall during a training run and fractured my wrist, thumb and tibial plateau which is non-displaced. After leaving the hospital, I immediately saw my Sports Doctor who looked at the x-ray and thought the swelling, pain and bruising in my knee area was just a very bad bone bruise. I was advised that I could walk as tolerated and that I did not need a brace or any type of knee area support. For the first 7-10 I was in severe pain and could not bear weight or bend my leg but slowly I began feeling a bit better. However I was still having pain so an MRI was ordered at about 16 days post injury. Turns out I have a "minimal tibial plateau fracture" along with minimal meniscus tear and extensive bone bruise in tibia and fibula. At this point I had been weight bearing as tolerated since the injury and was told by my Sports Doc that I could continue to walk and bear weight on the fracture but to just be "careful" to not walk more then a mile or two in addition to normal daily walking. He did not recommend a brace for my knee. So here I am 3 weeks and 2 days post injury and diagnosed with the above and have been weight bearing the entire time. EVERYTHING I have read about non-displaced tibial plateau fractures says 4-6 weeks of no weight bearing. I understand a non-displaced fracture can displace very easily and quickly. I found a brace for my knee and trying to stay off of it until I see an Orthopedic in a few days. I would use crutches as a precaution but my wrist and thumb is fractured/casted so I'm just trying to minimize walking on it for now. Has anyone with this injury ever been told you can bear weight as tolerated and no need to be braced? Do you think the Orthopedic will have me go NWB at this point? I am a long distance running and competitive tennis player and do not want to mess this up - I'm concerned I got bad advice from my Sports Doc!  Any feedback is really appreciated...