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Author Topic: I have Arthrofibrosis, 6 surgeries and 4yrs later and im starting to run again!  (Read 205 times)

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So Ive been on this forum a couple years ago and I had an account I believe but cant remember the info. But I just wanted to post on here that I have been getting results and Im extremely happy that im progressing the way that I am. As everyone that has Arthrofibrosis or know about it, understands its an extremely frustrating and slow journey to recovery. I have about 110 Degrees of flexion and could get up to around 120 with PT and my muscle is extemely weak compared to the healthy leg but working on it. I was finally able to  do a light run on the treadmill after being in and out of surgeries and on and off of crutches the last 4 years. Let me know if you have any questions, Id answer as best as I can in order to try to help others. 
Heres a video of me after I just finished my run on the treadmill, was so excited for this accomplishment!

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Congratulations, that's great to hear!!! Good luck going forward. Do you mind sharing how you beat this monster? I've been living with AF for 11 years now, since my TKR, and the pain is getting worse and more debilitating every day it seems. I've had multiple LOA's, MUA's, etc., done by some of the best AF Dr's in the world. Thank you for sharing your story!
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