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Author Topic: Questions about chondromalacia  (Read 898 times)

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Questions about chondromalacia
« on: April 22, 2004, 09:05:09 PM »
Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum with this question--not quite sure where this falls.

Anyway, the OS diagnosed me with chondro yesterday which I think was brought on by a twisting injury that happened nearly two years ago.  He didn't assign a grade of severity (or didn't tell me).  He told me to spend some time on a stationary bike and do some leg lifts with ankle weights and I'm fine with that.  If that doesn't work he'll take another look at it.

Now onto the questions:
Does exercise usually help?  When he described how it would help it actually sounded like I would be grinding down cartilage on the back of my patella (!), but now that I think of it he may have been encouraging working down the crabmeat on the back, if there is any.  When I put my hand on my knee and work my knee around it feels like sandpaper in there, wheras I feel nothing in my good knee.

He also said that females with wide hips and knock knees occasionally have patella tracking problems.  If my patella isn't tracking properly, isn't this just going to get worse :o ?

And at what point are things just so far gone that you need to resort to a lateral release, chondro shave, microfracture, or autograph (allograph?).  In glazing over signatures here a lot of people seem to have had chondro for a long time.  Is this something I'll be dealing with for the rest of my life?  Heck, I'm 19 and my 50 year old dad has better knees than me!

The OS suggested injections at the appointment yesterday to which I refused.  I'm a big ninny when it comes to needles and have heard mixed reviews on them.  I want to see if the exercise helps before I go this route.

I asked this in another thread, but do braces hurt or help chondro?  At work it's up and down up and down and I'm just really sore at the end of it.  Not to mention the times when I'm on my feet all day lifting moderate loads.  I saw an ACE brace at the store last night that had velco closures and had and "open patella for proper tracking".  It seemed like a good product.  Do over the counter braces actually work?  I need it mostly for support but if it's going to aggrivate my chondro or throw off my tracking I'll just have to deal without it.

I'm just fustrated with the whole thing.

Believe it or not, a boat wake did this to me.