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Author Topic: Three months post knee fracture  (Read 928 times)

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Three months post knee fracture
« on: May 12, 2019, 03:13:32 AM »
It has been over three months since I fractured my knee cap. My doc says based on x Ray's it is healing and I have been in PT for a few weeks, but I feel like I have hit a plateau. I'm not noticing much improvement and haven't for the past month, actually longer than that. The biggest problem, for me, has been bending my knee. I feel like it is just as difficult for me now as it was shortly after my fracture. It is still *excruciating* to bend and I still am unable work/ drive. I noticed today it is actually more painful to bend and it was swelling more than usual. I saw other chat forums where people were up and active six to eight weeks after their fracture. I'm young, in my 20s, I've always been healthy and active, and I feel like I should be healing faster than this. I guess my question is, has anyone else had a patella fracture that took longer than normal to heal? Did you have any other complications that were overlooked? I'm hoping there wasn't damage to my tendons/cartilage/etc. Initially after my fracture I was unable to so a straight leg raise (still difficult for me) and while one doc said that was a sign I need a surgery, he consulted another doctor for advice who said i will not need surgery. I really hope they made the right choice because I am still in a lot of pain

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Re: Three months post knee fracture
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2019, 10:53:51 AM »
This will depend on how comminuted the fracture was, and how well the pieces were put back together, the nature of the fixation and whether or not there are adhesions around the patella. See this paper -