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Author Topic: Femure and pattela fracture  (Read 453 times)

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Femure and pattela fracture
« on: May 26, 2019, 03:30:23 AM »
Hi all
I met with an accident on 14 march nd fractured my femure and pattela.Got surgery (rode is used to support femure and 2 verticle screw and wires are used in knee)next day morning. Its been more than 2 months but i can bemd only knee 40 degree only ... i had another surgery when they removed one top screw from femure rode.. i have been doing exercise daily from last 2 months . Had to give break for a week after screw was removed.. my progress is very slow.can anyone tell me how to deal with it .
14 march 2019-femure and pattela fracture
15 march -surgery (rode with 4 screw  in femure and verticle screw and wires around pattela)
17 april -top most screw in femure was removed
17 may only 40 degre i can bend my leg