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Author Topic: Considering Emsley-Trillat Procedure - looking for post-op recovery experiences  (Read 700 times)

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Hi All,

I've some issues with recurrent subluxation, locking, and focal cartilage loss (bone-on-bone femoral to patella surface).

I've seen a surgeon who has recommended consideration of an Emsley-Trillat procedure.

I'm looking to hear recovery stories from those who have gone through this procedure.

How did you find the first:
- week
- fortnight
- month
- 3 months

What is your function now?
- What sport can you do?
- Can you manage a jog?

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Hi Meg,

Late reply, but I think the Emsley-Trillat procedure is very unusual these days. Hence, I think you should get a second opinion whether this is the best surgery for you.

Recovery-wise I guess it is about the same as any TTT/TTO/AMZ Fulkerson (search in the forum or elsewhere online for recovery stories). 

Good luck, and please keep us updated on how things progress!

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