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Author Topic: BME on 32 YO Athlete - anyone know how to fix??  (Read 119 times)

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BME on 32 YO Athlete - anyone know how to fix??
« on: March 14, 2019, 05:55:27 PM »
I am a 32 year old Male, D1 college athlete and was very active trail runner/soccer player post college. Series of bad luck w ACL tears and meniscus tears I opted for a meniscus transplant 12/17. There were signs of bone marrow edema on my lateral tibial plateau prior to surgery which I was anticipating to heal up during recovery and post op rehab. A year down the road my edema has tripled in mass and the pain is awful. I also have increased to grade IV chondromalacia (6mmx6mm) on my tibial plateau and I haven't been playing any sports. I road bike about 50 miles a week and pulled back from pain.

Does anyone know any way to help heal BME? I'm in pain most of the day and walking feels like a deep bone bruise in my knee every step. I'm getting concerned my cartilage is degrading at an increasing rate as well of a risk for my lateral tibial compartment may collapse.

I'm nervous subchondroplasty isn't the answer since the consistency of the cement is so much hard that the natural bone. I couldn't find any long term studies in younger patients either. Would love any help!