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Author Topic: Arthrofibrosis success patient now needing a TKA----in Pennsylvania  (Read 119 times)

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I am Kim and it has been many years since I have posted. I had a massive knee injury resulting in significant arrhtrofibrosis in 1999 while I was living in Atlanta. My ortho put my knee back together in Atlanta (with guidance from Dr. Lindenfeld in Ohio) and then sent me there for treatment. I went from 15 degrees flexion to almost being able to touch my heal to my butt. It took a year but I got there. I had to give up tennis but have continued to swim and now do synchronized swimming (masters) and go to the gym 2 times a week. I relocated to Lancaster, PA 7 years ago and slowly my knee is failing me and ins uncomfortable everyday. I received a steroid injection one week ago which has only help minimally. I am wondering if there are any TKA orthos with arthrofibrosis training in PA. I have seen two so far (one at Penn State Hershey and one in Lancaster) neither has the experience and I will not let them do the surgery. I can go back to Ohio (my insurance allows it) but I am hoping a specialist is here in the Philly area. Your help is much appreciated. And if you have any questions about my previous surgery ask away! My old profile name from the early 2000s was kdhfrank....


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Re: Arthrofibrosis success patient now needing a TKA----in Pennsylvania
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2019, 07:27:54 AM »
Hi Kim!

I rarely check in to kneeguru. I couldn't believe I saw your name on this post. You've been a very active person, in spite of your knee history of AF. Now you are seening a TKR in your future. I went to Dr Noyes, if you remember, as a salvage case . My knee was totally damaged from arthrofibrosis which led to patella baja and IPC. My local knee specialist recognized this condition and performed a delee  osteotomy which corrected the mechanics of my knee. 18mos later, I was having inceased pain, my knee catching and ROM decreasing. That doctor scoped it and removed my fat pad, which was hard and fiborous , removed scar tissue and a synovectomy and did extensive work behind the patella. The doctor said I had a 15 x 11 lesion on the backside. All of this is detailed in my blog posts. At the urging of my physical therapist, I decided to see Dr Noyes. He did a thorough exam and said I needed a tkr. I could have him do it or home town ortho. Since I was still battling arthrlfibosis , I needed Dr Noyes to do it.

I am so glad I had him do it. I love their physical therapy and their attention for the earlist sign of inflammation or ROM problems. The therapists report your problems to the doctor. He will see you in therapy twice a week when he makes rounds ,or see you back over to the clinic. You should plan on staying in town for at least for 2 weeks, staying longer is better to monitor the knee's progress. Since you saw Lindenfeld, you know the drill.
I researched every bit of information about having a tkr.  I even watched a total knee surgery video.  I also researched the hospital rating on the level of care and their rating on hospital acquired infection rate. You want a doctor who has done at least a 100 or more tkrs and what I should expect in regards to rehabbing my knee. After 6 months of researching, I called Noyes office and scheduled my tkr.

I hope I said something that will help you

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