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Author Topic: 5 weeks post-op MPFL, TTO, double meniscus repair. CANT BEND  (Read 141 times)

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5 weeks post-op MPFL, TTO, double meniscus repair. CANT BEND
« on: February 14, 2019, 04:31:42 PM »
Hi all so I need some help and opinions. Iím 5.5 weeks post op. I had a MPFL, a tibial tubercle osteotomy and both my meniscuss repaired. My knees werenít developed right so my knees literally just slip out of place and it damaged a lot of things in there. The main problem is I donít have a trochlear groove. I saw my surgeon for my second post op appointment and he wasnít happy with my ROM. Iím supposed to be at 90į by now. I easily get to about 45į and anything after that is excruciating. Itís been maxed out at 83į for the last two weeks. It takes about 15 minutes of bending before I can get to 80į and then I canít handle anymore. Iím not on any pain pills and am not allowed to take any so thatís out of the question. My surgeon said I just have to win and push but I honestly donít think itís consiously possible. Has anyone else had these issues? Is it normal? Iím really getting discouraged because he said knee stiffness w
ill happen if I don work at it.