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Author Topic: Invossa ( cartilage regeneration drug ) soon to be available in many countries  (Read 112 times)

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Invossa has been in development for around 20 years and is shown to increase cartilage thickness. It is currently in phase 3 trials in the United States.

It is currently used in Korea and China, but distribution and sales will be expanding to Australia, New Zealand, and many countries in Asia.

It's prime competitor, Sprifermin, hasn't had much news in the last year. Will update when i hear more.

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Interesting, thanks for the update!
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See the above link for a paper they published on MRI findings after Invossa treatment. Although they're seeing cartilage repair and delay of cartilage degeneration, one of the things I find discouraging is that they're not seeing much improvement in bone marrow lesions. This is really important since bone marrow lesions are associated with accelerated OA progression, as well as with knee pain in OA.
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