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Author Topic: Quadricep Tendon Rupture: Three Weeks Following Surgery  (Read 175 times)

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Quadricep Tendon Rupture: Three Weeks Following Surgery
« on: January 09, 2019, 07:22:50 PM »
I finally had an appointment with the consultant three weeks after surgery.

I've had a T-Brace fitted, a locking knee brace with different range of movement options.

I've been given the following:

1 to 4 Weeks - 0 to 30 degrees
5 to 6 Weeks - 0 to 60 degrees
7 to 8 Weeks - 0 to 90 degrees

Im devastated. I had to wait two weeks for my surgery, then another week to see the consultant, now I seem to be on the most conservative rehabilitation protocol ever.

The consultant says that they will assess my strength after 4 weeks.

But here's the kicker.

He's just given me brace on 0 to 30 degrees, concentrated on telling me not to go past 30 degree ROM, and then never referred me to physiotherapy and never gave me any exercises to do. He never spent any time telling me what I could do.

I actually had to beat out of him (in a metaphorical sense) that I could actually do some quadriceps pumps and SLR's.

I've read all the literature to know that this is excruciatingly conservative, not to mention I think negligent.

There's no patella mobilisation, no heel slides, no guidance for when to lock and unlock the knee brace apart from the technician in the plaster room. I even told him how stiff my knee feels, sort of diagonal from lower medial to upper lateral side - which makes me think there's a tight IT band.

He felt my thighs and my calf, asked if there was any pain, then said everything was OK, he couldn't even be bothered feeling my knee.

A lot of other protocols suggest that six weeks following surgery, I should be 90 degrees ROM. I should be looking at getting back to work by this point. But bloody hell, 8 weeks from now, 11 weeks from surgery, they'll probably still be ultra conservative. I can see me not being at work for 4 months.

I know you're not doctors, but any thoughts what I can do guys? Is this normal, or should I make a complaint?

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