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Author Topic: Anyone checking out all the new drugs in the pipeline? What do you make of them?  (Read 503 times)

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I noticed that almost no-one is discussing the osteoarthritis drug pipeline. For me that is what I check the most (mainly because at bad times it is what cheers me up the most). Am I missing something here, is everyone in on the secret that none of it works?

I was quite excited for example about Ampion this year, with over 70% responder rate and a significant improvement in pain, function, and quality of life in a phase III-trial. I know industry studies tend to over-represent the benefits so grain of salt as always, but (after two earlier, failed phase-III trials) I would say that by now, Ampion looks very promising. There is much more out there: Sprifermin which alas does not lead to an improvement in pain but does seem to have the capacity to regenerate cartilage so could be a drug that could bring benefit in combination with other drugs. In general I am surprised that all these drugs are considered very much by themselves, rather than in potential combination with others. It seems sufficiently clear that OA is a complex and multifactorial desease, so that we will need combinations of drugs, some of which do not, of themselves, provide clinical benefit, but would need to be combined with others. Some of the others I have been looking into are MIV711, UBX 0101 (that one to me is really interesting but the company alas may be short-funded). I tend to wonder about Invossa, it seems weird to me that simply injecting human cells into a joint, even if they have been modified, would bring benefit. Wouldn't most joints just clear those cells out? I don't have much confidence in that one. Some other ones that seem more exciting are Synerkine, Pterosin B (very little publsihed on that), calcitonin, but I have seem many others that seem to inspire some degree of confidence. So many agents seem to have some effect on desease progression and/or symptoms in such a variety of ways that it seems very likely to me that more treatment options will be available in the coming years.

Granted, I don't have much confidence that there will ever be a cure in the sense that the desease simply goes away without any further treatment (or at least not in all or even a substantial number of patients), but I do feel that controlling pain and inflammation and slowing or stopping desease progression are probably technically within reach. Anyone agree/disagree? How do people feel about Ampion and Invossa? Invossa is already available in Korea, has anyone tried? Or are people focusing on ACI, stem cells, PRP, and other things like prolotherapy because they at least seem to be available?