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Author Topic: 8 hip surgeries and now bilateral grade 4 CMP - fed up - when will it end?  (Read 111 times)

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Hello all, I dont usually moan but i'm having a bad day!   I had a waterskiing accident 6 years ago and tore the labrum and ligaments in both my hips.  When they scoped me they found out i had hip dysplasia which led to 6 failed scopes.  I ended up with a double hip resurfacing at the age of 37. After that op my psoas tendon was catching on the joint, so i've just had to have that released.
Anyway, about 5 months after the accident I started getting knee pain, I never really looked into it as was only going up and down stairs.  Fast forward to this year, 1 month after my baby was born a pilates class shredded my knees and have had problems since. MRI reveal I have CMP (chondromaelca patella) grade 4 on both knee caps, 1cm size, on the lateral side and also have patella Alta.  Ive had 5 rounds of PRP, 1 stem cell injection and intense physio but not getting much better.  One knee is kind of responding the other isn't.  Just walking around the house inflames it (I  have no stairs).  I cant get out and walk my baby.

Anyway, now looking at surgical options, so many options is scary. I want to go the biological route (cartilage regen) but think I need some patellar re-alignment  stuff too.

Anyway, 6 years in and I just want to be able to walk pain free.  I had such a bd experience with my hips that I am very surgery shy, but at the same time i cant go on like this as have two kids to look after.

Any words of encouragement appreciated!

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Re: 8 hip surgeries and now bilateral grade 4 CMP - fed up - when will it end?
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2018, 09:34:24 AM »

Sorry to hear you have gone through a lot with your hips and knees. I saw your other posts regarding which surgery is best etc. I'm in a bit of a similar situation, CMP grade 3 with patella alta. Having difficulty walking, standing, a lot of pain. Tried to get better with all sorts of conservative treatment for the last 3-4 years without any real success. I have also researched all the different surgical options.

Without getting into all the details and getting lengthy, what is still positive in your case is that your patella cartilage lesion is on the lateral side, and may thus respond much better to a Fulkerson type of osteotomy (that might also be distalized to address the alta), than if your lesion was anywhere else under the patella.

The answer to the question whether you should leave biomechanics alone and just fix the cartilage, or just fix the biomechanics and leave the cartilage, or do both, will differ a lot depending on which knee surgeon you ask. What makes most sense surgery-wise also depends on your age. I can give you some more info at a later point if you want.
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