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Author Topic: Best Cartilage Restoration procedure for grade 4 Patellar Lesion?  (Read 460 times)

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Hello, i was diagnosed in Jan with CMP grade 4 on the lateral side of my patellar (both knees). I also have patella Alta.  The lesion size is about 1cm and now bone on bone.  I have had PRP, stem cell injections and a lot of physical therapy.  One of my knees is responding to rehab the other isnt.  I am now considering surgery as am in a lot of pain.  I do not want to have a 'clean out' scope and want to go for some cartilage restoration procedure.  It is not available in South Africa where I live so can travel anywhere in the world for the best outcome.

Does anyone have lots of research experience with what will work best cartilage wise for the patellar? MACI, OATS, Cartiform etc?

So far I have consulted with;

Kevin Stone - he suggests cartilage paste graft. No lateral release - says its better to get another 10 years out of my knee then to mess with the biomechanics

Dr Saw - microfracture then stem cell treatment with a possible lateral release - this is hard as I have 2 young kids so cant be away for 6 weeks as required

Anyway, any recommendations is greatly appreciated.