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Author Topic: Problems / Frustration after 5 Months (Trochleoplasty)  (Read 399 times)

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Problems / Frustration after 5 Months (Trochleoplasty)
« on: September 12, 2018, 03:56:38 PM »

i am feeling pretty frustrated because my hopes are kind of sacking away the last weeks.
I had a trochleoplasty + MPFL recontruction (and another correction i cannot remember the word in english), at first things went really fine, the surgeon said the surgery was succesful and it even was shorter then planned.
But now, after 5 months, i get the feeling that my state is not really improving all too much. I still have a weird feeling in the femur, and sometimes pain on the inner side where the MPFL was implemented.

Did anyone experience similar issues after this complicated surgery? Am i expecting too much? I thought after 5 months i would be alright, maybe not for doing sports but at least that the knee feels "normal" again, but it absolutely does not, it feels really weird and also makes noises from which i  don't know if it somes from the patella itself of from the tissues around the joint, which were also damaged of course.

Thank you already in advance!

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Re: Problems / Frustration after 5 Months (Trochleoplasty)
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2018, 05:46:40 PM »
I'd say for such major surgery, 5 months to be expecting anything close to a normal knee is ambitious. 12-18 would be more realistic given the trauma to the knee and the amount of rehab to recover from such

Are you working with an expert physio used to rehabbing knees after major patella surgeries and getting the structures in and around the knee back in shape? If not, that should be an important next step, maybe the surgeon can recommend someone he regards highly for the task

Recovery isn't linear, you'll have peaks and troughs, one month it may just click but 5 months is likely too soon for that. Recovering from knee surgery really is a marathon not a sprint as it's such a complex joint. Presumably the aim of your surgery was to stop dislocations? If you've achieved that, it's been successful but you still need to get over the trauma
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