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Author Topic: No progress...... what happens next  (Read 1077 times)

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No progress...... what happens next
« on: September 11, 2018, 10:01:20 PM »
7 weeks ago I dislocated my knee whilst running after a ball. The ball bounced a different way whist I was chasing it and as I changed direction my knee dislocated. I had an X-ray and was put in a leg splint for 10days.
After seeing the consultant I had an MRI as I couldnít straight leg raise. My consultant then went on holiday leaving the physio to discuss the MRI results. He diagnosed a lateral patellar dislocation said it would 8-12 weeks.  Had 3 weeks painful physio, did exercises very often then resaw the  consultant.......the consultant then informed me that it was a lateral patellar dislocation however I had also ruptured the MPFL and had bad bone bruising none of which we had been told before this. Now told 16-20weeks recovery.
Iíve now moved to a private physio who can see me 3 times a week however after 2 weeks physio with him ( 5 weeks physio altogether) and 7 weeks since accident my progress is stalling/ none existent.
I can get my knee nearly at full extension however my ROM is very small: around 40 actively and 20 passively.
I can only get the above ROM when lying on my stomach, when sitting or lying on my back I have less than 5 degrees ROM passive and active. We had no idea why it works one way but not the other. I donít see my consultant for another week but am really worried about my slow progress and what my next steps might be. MUA has been mentioned now. Anyone had MUA after a dislocation or have anymore advice related to the above. Thanks