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Author Topic: Post-op Femoral condyle cadaver allograft  (Read 742 times)

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Post-op Femoral condyle cadaver allograft
« on: September 04, 2018, 02:29:45 AM »
Hi All,
 I haven't posted on this board since 2013, when I had right knee surgery/chondroplasty (3.5cm medial condyle). Now my left knee required an allograph for a 2.5 cm lesion. The wait for my graft was 3 months.  It is now 4 weeks post op and I just had my 1st dip in the pool as the 3" scar healed. The last 4 weeks have been mostly in the wheel chair since my right knee is still damaged (one cm lesion lateral and 3.5 cm of arthritic cartilage medial femoral articular). Tomorrow I will return to work and will not start physical therapy for another 2 weeks. In addition, I won't see the doctor for another 2 weeks. The only concerning item is that I have some clicking on the inside medial part of the knee approximately where the MCL is. Hopefully, with some muscle strengthening, this will go away. I have been doing leg lifts and wall slides for the last couple weeks and am looking forward to physical therapy to see when I can start walking.  As a side note, I had a slight fall at 2 weeks.  Xray showed no damage, but pain increased dramatically afterwards, especially at night, lying on side.  2 weeks later this pain is subsiding, and I hope things go back to normal.  Knee cap is stiff, so I am rubbing the scar tissue per doctors orders.

Update: 5 Weeks post op.  Pain is resolving finally.  So much that I can sleep on my stomach again.  The snapping is mostly resolved, hopefully due to building muscle with leg lifts. I have an e-stim machine but havent used it.  My appt with the doctor is in 5 days, as well as 1st PT appt.  I am expected to try 100% weight.  We'll see how that goes.

Update: Week 6: I went to the doctor today and he approved crutch assisted walking. Also X-ray confirmed that the plug is still healthy. We talked about numb toes being normal. Went to physical therapy after and learned how to walk on 2 feet (yay) with assist from 2 crutches. Also, I got assigned my 1st round of exercises which will help build muscle ...which is greatly needed. Went to work after and walked for 5 minutes every hour on crutches. The swelling wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So overall a good day!

Update. Week 8.  So I can walk. but it is painful.  Not exactly at the lesion, but on the inside medial part of my knee. Near the MCL.  The PT thinks it is quad fatigue.  I wish they hadnt released me from crutches so soon. But you never know till you try.  Not much change since 2 weeks ago. So will ice, rest and check in in a couple of weeks.
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