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Author Topic: shattered kneecap  (Read 5153 times)

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shattered kneecap
« on: October 26, 2006, 01:43:10 AM »
ok, i'm new to this board, back in feb. 24th, 2006.  i fell at work i tripped over a wood pallet and shattered my kneecap, after i hit the cement floor my knee was stuck in a bent position, and had to go tp the emergency room with it bent. they did surgery right away and when i woke up i was in recovery. shattered kneecap now had 3 pins and wire wrapped around it to hold in place. hospital stay was for, 4 days. immoblizer on the guys from work had to take me home the only way i could get up the stairs (20 of them) was to sit on my butt and go up each step. then to bed, propped up on pillows, had to do the CPM machine for 3 months, 6 hours per day,  finally the brace was off but i was in the wheelchair, then the walker, then the cane, had several months of PT, plus pool therapy, because after being layed up for so long my back became weak and ended up with back spasms too. those are finally gone now. yes my knee feels like there is a vise grip on it too. was glad to see other people were having same problems as me, only thing now is the gap is not healing, it is now 8 mos. since surgery, just had middle pin removed, as it had dislodged itself and was causing excessive swelling, feels better now. different pain levels with weather outside, just received a bone stimulator to see if this will help with bone growth, because it is not healing the doc doesn't know why its not healing, i will be 50 next week. AGE- a factor? next step he said right now can leave in pins and wiring indefinately or until can't stand it anymore. NO KNEELING OR SQUATTING ALLOWED.   otherwise will have to put in screws and artifical bone to fill gap. bone stimulator must be worn for 1 hour in morning with it being 20 mins. on left knee, 20 mins. on right of knee and 20min. lower part of knee. anyone else having problems with theres not healing?

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Re: shattered kneecap
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2019, 08:21:02 AM »
Hey redone,

I know this was a very long time ago... but just wandering if someone had a similar case. Where at 8 months after the fracture of patella the bone was still not healed.. I have a similar case. And would be interested to find a story on the long term to see how it went.