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Author Topic: Torn quad after TKR  (Read 1778 times)

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Torn quad after TKR
« on: July 18, 2018, 01:39:42 AM »
I had a TKR on my right knee October 2107 and all went great.  So went and got TKR for left knee 6 weeks later.  Was doing better with 2nd knee than first.  Recovery was going faster and less pain than first.  So happy and then it all came to an abrupt end when I fell coming down the step. s 15 days after my knee replacement surgery.  Got to the last 3 steps and my right leg went straight out in the air as I bounced on the last couple of steps.  My left foot planted at the bottom of the steps and basically got bent back under my butt.  I heard three loud pops and got real faint.   After I got my leg out from under my butt, I just sat there to make sure I was going to pass out.  Took about 10 minutes to regain my wits and access my situation.  Then I called for my husband to come help me to the couch.

 I was doing PT at home for a few days since the TKR and had about 95% ROM and had been able to walk without any aids.  Well when the therapist came, he called my OS and told him what happened.  So I was able to get in right away to see the DR.  They took xrays and determined that I did not damage the new knee on either leg.  However, I did tear my quad tendon.   The DR was able to place his thumb in a divet beside my kneecap on the inside of my leg( medial meniscus area).  Hope that makes sense.  I could feel all the way down to the bone area there.  He said that I would need surgery to repair it or else I would not be able to straighten and lift my leg.

 So 3 days later on January 8th I had surgery.  He said that I tore it up pretty bad.  He said he had to repair that area and then it was tore straight up above the middle of my kneecap about 3 inches I think.  It was outpatient surgery and I was sent home afterwards in an immobilization brace.    After 2 weeks, he gave me 10 degree ROM and kept increasing it by 10 degrees every other week.  Week 5 I was able to start light physical therapy with the brace.  Week 8 I was able to do therapy without the brace.  So glad to get rid of that contraption.  So I finished therapy at week 12 post op and only had 75% ROM at that time.

 I still have swelling and have been icing and elevating a few times a week and doing therapy myself walking and some of the exercises that they had me do  at PT.  I went for my 6 month follow up with the OS in June and told him that I was still having a lot of pain in the spot where he could push his thumb in.  He told me that I tore it up pretty good and that it would take at least 1 year for me to recover from this.  Ok I get that.  But getting up and down from a sitting position and going up and down the stairs is terribly painful.  Still.  Well It is a sharp stabbing pain that I feel and yesterday it was extremely painful getting up.  Tonight it even hurts just to walk so I had my husband go fetch my crutches for me and I have a call in to the DR to tell him about it.  Looking to see if anyone else has had this experience or something close.  Like torn quad without TKR.  Should I be having a sharp stabbing pain where I tore it?  I haven't fallen or tripped to tear anything.  I am hoping he will order an MRI.  Well I am going to ask for one.  I want to know what is stabbing me.  I can feel a couple of knots in there and I think it is his stitches but not sure.  Thanks for any and all insight and info you can give me.

Rt TKR- October 2017
LT TKR- December 2017
LT Ruptured quad surgery 10 days after TKR Jan 2018

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Re: Torn quad after TKR
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2019, 12:24:57 AM »
Your story sounds almost identical to my experience. I only had LTKR but at 7 weeks post op, without warning, I fell down last three stairs landed the exact same way and like you it took a little while to get my whits about me and call for my husband.  I am still having pain on inside of knee and when I push on one area of my knee it is horrific pain. I asked the Dr and that is where the metal sutures were placed with anchors to repair quadricep tendon. I am 3 months post quad tendon repair and my knee still gives out without warning and I have shooting pains under patella.  Sorry you have gone through so much. I know it is no fun!!!