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Author Topic: 3 1/2 Weeks P/O knee grinding, loss of stability and tension  (Read 128 times)

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Hey people,

First time here. ACL reconstruction using hamstring autograft, meniscal repair. Figured I'd see if anyone else had some issues. I haven't even seen my OS since surgery (he booked the follow up for 4 weeks). The initial recovery was rough. The last week has been getting better. Getting great flexion. Can get to 0 with enough stretching during the day. 90 is no problem. 2 days ago though, I was stretching and my knee caught and snapped back a bit. No popping sound. Just felt like an overstretch. Today I have a grinding and pulling with lots of sound coming from the front of my knee. It feels like I lost all my tension that I previously had. I am able to let my knee drop to 0 with complete ease and no tension back to it. I'm a little nervous I may have pulled the acl graft out. Minor pain, minor swelling. Also, there's a big lump on the side of my thigh just above the outside of my knee that's been there since surgery. What the heck is that? Its painful and swollen and very hard.

Thanks for listening.