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Author Topic: Biodegradable Pins Question + OCD Story!  (Read 117 times)

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Biodegradable Pins Question + OCD Story!
« on: July 07, 2018, 05:47:52 PM »
My question is around biodegradable pins but Iíll leave a little back sorry here for reference. How often do biodegrable pins come lose from the bone and float around within the joint?? What can be the cause of this?!

I was diagnosed with OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) when I was 12 years old after years of pain and grabbing. I was playing 4 different sports at the time and fell and twisted my knee leading to scans and surgeons referral. MRI showed large but stable lesion on Med-fem condyle. Surgeon decided I would take 12 months off all sports and that should allow for the body to heal it naturally... it did.... kinda!

I returned to sport within 14 months, and was pain free for about 12 months but then started getting pain and grabbing again - only on rare occasions. The grabbing gradually got worse for 6 years until it got to the point where my knee was locking up every time I sat down and was almost unbearable to unlock again! My surgery was in may of 2015 and they inserted 5 biodegradable pins to repair the unstable lesion and I was back playing rep basketball and doing Track and Field (javelin) within 10 months. I was pain free and everything was going great - even qualifying for a world junior champs for javelin! In March of 2016 I was playing basketball (walking up the court!!) when my knee just completely locked up - felt like I had dislocated it or something but I knew something was wrong! I arranged to get it scanned and the MRI showed that 1 of the biodegradable pins had come half way out of the bone - so I was book in for surgery. My surgeon said he had only ever seen it once before and that was in an elderly patient - not a fit young athlete! In march 2016 I had surgery to remove not only 1 but 2 pins from my knee! Is this normal?!?!

1 if the pins caused significant damage to the join and surrounding tissue and I still get pain today - 2 years on! Latest MRI showed damage to almost everything - Med/lat miniscus, ACL/MCL, Med-fem bone, Med/lat cartilage damage and the list goes on!!

I have recently had surgery on my shoulder (6 weeks ago)  to repair a torn posterior labrum and from what I understand they have used biodegradable anchors to repair it! Now Iím freaking out thinking about what might happen it the pins come loose!! I mentioned it to my shoulder sergeon what had happened with my knee but he just said - Ďit doesnít happení! Iím kinda freaking out! What can cause the pins to come out?!

Please share your stories about biodegrable pins coming loose! I canít find much/anything on the internet - is it that uncommon?!?