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Author Topic: Possible to re-tear ACL Graft while walking in immobilizer?  (Read 178 times)

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So let me start off by thanking anyone who responds in advance to my ongoing and frustrating vexation here....
ACL Hamstring AutoGraft on 6/28/18 Everything went well OS said I had strong hamstrings, no other damage but a full acl rupture
Fast forward 3 days after surgery at home in the immobilizer, doing everything I can by the book taking it easy but late at night I made a bathroom trip in the immobilizer and crutches and come back to bed and see the corner of the fitted sheet came off which probably to the dismay of people happens alot. So being somewhat foggy and tired I kind of lunge forward on the reconstructed knee in the immobilizer for a second to grab the corner and put it back on just putting a bit more weight on the knee than usual. Ii step on it weirdly and it feels like my knee hyperextends backwards for a split second but I just quickly take any weight off of it and straighten back out. I yelled out in pain and then from there I feel an increase in pain inside the knee for awhile which seemed to go away but im still pretty nervous and wont have my follow up appt for another week. So my question is it even possible to hyperextend your knee while in the immobilizer with the metal backing even if its somewhat looser maybe than normal but still pretty tight on, Or did my knee just basically go 0 degrees for the first time and thats what im feeling since im still working on full extension, How far would it have to buckle backwards to retear the acl graft, Also worth mentioning im about 6'1 245 lbs so Im trying to be even more careful in that aspect. Sorry for the novel, I've been trying to find someone who had a similar experience but havent really seen anything. Just thankful a place like this exists to calm the nerves a bit.:)

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Re: Possible to re-tear ACL Graft while walking in immobilizer?
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 05:22:31 PM »
Hi and donít worry, it isnít a novel at all. Iím not a specialist, but Iíd be very surprised if you could do any harm that way. Especially in an immobiliser! You should obviously mention it at your follow up, but my guess is that you are right, and you unexpectedly just went into full extension. I had a similar feeling like my knee was lurching back as I was walking in the first weeks. It happened a couple of times and it freaked the life out of me. The physio said it was just weak muscles and poor muscle control, meaning that the knee extending caught me by surprise. I didnít even have a brace or immobiliser at all post op.
The other thing I was told is that the new ACL starts off really strong whilst itís still a tendon - stronger than your original ACL. It then weakens from 6-16 weeks as the old cells die and are replaced by new types of cells, and as it grows a blood supply. It then strengthens again from 16 weeks. Hope that gives you some reassurance too.
The first few weeks are horrible, so much paranoia, worrying, strange sensations etc. I thought I was losing the plot. How often do you see your physio? I saw mine every week and made a note of all the questions and worries I had through the week to ask at the session. That helped with providing reassurance. One of my questions was ďHow am I going to cope mentally like this for 6 months or more?Ē. He said Iíll worry less as the knee starts to bother me less. It will get better! In the meantime, donít be afraid to come on here to let off steam/vent/share your concerns. A problem shared is a problem halved and all that, and people here understand exactly how youíre feeling.
Very best of luck, and keep us posted!
6 Mar 2018 - skiing fall, ACL rupture, MCL and LCL sprain, lateral meniscus tear and bone bruising
13 Apr 2018 - ACL reconstruction with hamstring autograft, small meniscus repair