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Author Topic: ACL  (Read 2057 times)

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« on: April 08, 2004, 06:39:34 PM »
Hi ,

Hope Im not tempting fate but if this post can offer any help or hope to what the hell. I had ACL reconstruction (patellar graft) 6 Months ago (last october). I stuck to a pretty tight schedule as regards rehab and it seems to have paid off.

At the moment Im trying to work on my fitness levels before I go back into competitive action. Hope to be up to be able to play a game at the end of the month and try and work my way back into the Team.

Seen the Surgeon last week and he said the knee is in good shape to return to action once I feel up to it.

I had a look through this website and seen alot of stuff that i experinced during rehab ( clicking in the knee due to traking problems, inflamation of the tendon etc etc ) .

One thing i did notice when looking through this site was that alot of people talk about graduating PT and they think its "happy days" just do a bit of running , weights and everyhting will be fine. Thats when they seem to running into problems

If I can offer any advise its to keep in contact with your PT for the Six month period telling him/her what stage  your at and what your doing.

Getting back playing to the same level of fitness and ability prior to injury will be the only success story in my eyes but this will do for now........      

Good Luck ,
- Came down awkwardly on knee June 03
- ACL reconstruction to left Knee October 03 - patellar graft.