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Author Topic: Pain at or near head of fibula when kicking a ball with inside of the foot  (Read 1289 times)

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My 17 year old son hyper-extended his knee in the beginning of a soccer game, then proceeded to play the rest of the game in some (but tolerable) pain.  MRI showed non-displaced compression fracture of the medial femoral condyle as well as an LCL strain and traction type injury to the proximal fibula. Orthopedic doctor assessment was: fairly severe sprain of the LCL and compression injury of the distal femur. After eleven weeks of only PT (no sports) he now can do everything (sprint, run long distances, cut, hop, shoot with inline drive, dribble etc) with no pain except when he kicks the ball with the side of his foot he experiences pain at or near the head of the fibula. New MRI at eleven weeks was negative. Xray negative.  He has no previous history of knee injuries.

Any one have any experience with this or can provide some insight?