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Author Topic: MRI Results Doctor Not Taking Pain Serious  (Read 549 times)

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MRI Results Doctor Not Taking Pain Serious
« on: June 21, 2018, 03:30:39 PM »
These are the results of my MRI of the right knee. I am in constant pain and on some days can barely walk (like today). My knee swells up all the time and PT has not helped. My OS talks to me about the pain levels for 5 minutes then schedules an appointment to come back 3 weeks later. This has gone on since April 3rd. From my results, what would you say? Oh, and 3 years ago I had a microfracture procedure on the left knee.

No evidence of any bone contusion or fracture. There is grade IV chondromalacia
patella involving the medial and lateral patellar facets. There is mild lateral
subluxation of approximately 3-4 mm but no retinacular disruption. The
quadriceps tendon and patellar ligament are normal.

There is a transverse tear involving the posterior horn of the lateral
meniscus. The body and anterior horn are spared. The medial meniscus is intact.
The collateral ligaments are also grossly intact. The cruciate ligaments are
also grossly intact. There is no evidence of any loose body or synovial

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Re: MRI Results Doctor Not Taking Pain Serious
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2018, 03:51:34 PM »
Get a second opinion? The doctor is there to give you potential solutions not fob you off. If he has no ideas, find one who does

The meniscus tear is seemingly of the degenerate type. Trimming it and tidying up any ragged articular cartilage might help until it tears again (which it will do unfortunately at some point)

Grade 4 chondromalacia means the bone is exposed, there are potential fixes but none are guaranteed to make any difference and all have long rehab (and could be costly depending on your access to healthcare). This probably mirrors your microfracture experience, the kneecap cartilage is hard to fix (ah the other knee, also patella?) Really you need to understand what's caused this wear, although the kneecap is sitting slightly off kilter according to the report. You need to know why and how to fix it
Maybe find a better physio who understands patella issues and has good insight into what might help or indeed hinder. You could couple this with seeing a pain management specialist for medication and potentially psychological support

How old are you?
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