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Author Topic: IT Band Problems after Meniscus clean out surgery  (Read 445 times)

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IT Band Problems after Meniscus clean out surgery
« on: June 14, 2018, 01:57:37 AM »
I am 76 and had a meniscus repair done two years ago.  During the rehab I developed IT band Syndrome and Pateller Tendinitis.  It took over a year to clear up.  Traditional occupational therapy did nothing.  Finally stumbled onto ASTYM therapy and I was pretty well fixed in a few weeks.  Just had my other knee done, this time a clean out.  Almost immediately after healing I developed severe IT band problems.  It makes me wonder if the surgical procedure itself is the main cause.  I am now considering going back to ASTYM or possibly trying a relatively new procedure called Advanced Soft Tissue Release ((ASTR).

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Re: IT Band Problems after Meniscus clean out surgery
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 01:43:19 AM »
I truly feel for you, as IT band pain can be SO debilitating. When mine was at it's worst, my lef was on fire, and I couldn't get up/down stairs...and I had about give up hope. 

I think some of us are simply prone to this problem. I've now had 10 knee surgeries in 20+ yrs, and no matter how minor or complicated the surgery/rehabilitation, I get IT Band problems EVERY the point of it impacting me getting full flexion back and keeping my patella tracking properly. >:(

Luckily, I found a new physical therapist back in 2015 after a massive procedure on the right knee. As part of the problem of getting full flexion again, he realized he'd have to manually work on my IT band at each visit. It would become hard as a rock and just not "give". I had the 10th surgery a month ago, and though this recovery "seemed" faster and easier, we noticed my flexion got "stuck" by the end of the 2nd week post-op. I was worried about scarring/adhesions forming again like back in 2015/16, but he could tell this felt nothing like scar tissue and my IT band was hard as a rock AGAIN. It had tightened severely within just 2 weeks since surgery and the 2 weeks of being totally non weight-bearing-----just like with every other knee surgery. The inner (medial) side of my knee wants to bend, but the IT band and other outer bands across the top of my knee were all rock-hard.

He's slowly stretched and manually loosened it 3X a week since, spending 10-15 minutes working it manually, then I  stretch it with a belt 2 sessions each day at home. In fact, today he said it was 70-80% improved, but we have to stay on top of it and not let it tighten up again, as I have 2 more weeks in the straight-leg brace, limiting my motion and making me walk strangely. I usually manage this well on my own with daily stretching after working out, but every surgery sets me back to Square One (ha)!!!  :o

Unfortunately, I know my body just behaves this way. I have a chronic lower back hyper mobility issue, and this PT plus a previous one have helped with 2 other episodes over the years when I was between knee surgeries. They both think it's all related to my lower/back hip issue that we "manage" as best we can, but this will always be one of MY issues.

As for ASTYM, if it works for you, go for it!!!!  ;D  I've heard good and bad.

My PT prefers manual therapy (using his hands) because ASTYM requires certification (meaning spending money his PTs need to pay their student loans instead) plus renting the tools---which are also costly here in the US. My husband SWEARS by it though, as it helped his hamstring injuries 2 different times over the last few years (he tore the same hamstring twice, 8 months apart.)

I personally had no luck with PTs using Graston tools and was told ASTYM wouldn't have helped my localized scar tissue (from back in 2015-16). My PT spent many hours with his hands manually breaking up my scar tissue with wonderful success. My surgeon said it was miraculous and most people never get that result, especially at my age after 7 procedures on the same knee (I'm 45). I guess I'm just sticking to what works for ME.  ;) ;D

I wish you the best and still agree to do what works for you. My back and knees have just benefited too much from two different PTs skilled at manual therapy, and I'm afraid to rock the boat. :) 
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