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Author Topic: 11 weeks post Commutative knee fracture surgery on 70 year old  (Read 1944 times)

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I am 70 and 63 210 lbs who has always been in exceptional condition due to a strong exercise regimen. My injury occurred while hiking in Panama and falling on broken concrete. Wishing 2 weeks post op I was hitting the gym for upper body weights and by 5 weeks PT. The Doctors and PT were afraid I might over do it. I quickly went from 85 to 131 ROM in 3 weeks working with a top PT. Even at home I was always stretching and usually going to the gym for a second workout each day. Now at just prior 11 weeks I am 95% back to normal. They tell me I recovered in 1/3 rd the time of a normal patient.

I truly believe this was due to my physical condition going into surgery and my work ethic post surgery which is unusual. My best suggestion is to talk to your PT about your walking gait and work on your balance. Big people seem to have bad balance and this contributes to falling. Learning to walk by picking up your leg and landing heel down will increase your odds of not having a recurrence.