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Author Topic: medial femoral condyle cartilage defect (Non Surgical option? )  (Read 259 times)

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I recently had arthroscopy cleanup for medial femoral condyle cartilage defect with an injection of Monovisc. Dr took tissue for possible future MACI but wants to see if conservative PT treatment will help over the next few months. The defect is 1.5 x 2.6 cm . My question is has anyone EVER not done MF, MACI or OATS and eventually the symptoms went away without doing any surgery? He doesn't want to talk about it unless I have further symptoms but i want this to be fixed on my terms and not wait for it bite me later. I was racing triathlons and am a very active cyclist.

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Re: medial femoral condyle cartilage defect (Non Surgical option? )
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 04:42:55 AM »
My defect was also on my medial femoral condyle, Grade 4, and approzimately 2 cm by .75cm .... thus smaller than yours. I was told if mine had become much larger, the chances of an ACI/MACI working dropped considerably. Luckily, my oS recommended ACI, I followed through, and it worked amazingly well. I still am not allowed to jump or run on that knee, but considering this was a last ditch effort to avoid a TKR, I'm thrilled. I have numerous other Grade 3 defects in that same knee, and insurance would only pay for the ACI in that area---they even rejected Microfracture/Biocartilage for the Grade 3 lesions. Personally,a after recent issues with my Grade 3-4 defects in my OTHER knee, I can't imagine having a Grade 4 defect NOT implanted (ACI or MIcrofracture w/ Biocartilage). I have a HUGE pain tolerance and tend to wait too long on these things---but when I live day-to-day with that kind of pain and cannot do most activities, it's time to FIX it, not clean it out and wait. Granted, I'm also in the US, so maybe I have a lot more room to argue and push. :)
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