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Author Topic: MRI result interpretation assistance - Different results than anticipated  (Read 546 times)

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25 y.o healthy (previously active) individual looking for any insights regarding the MRI results below. Trying to do my homework before seeing a second orthopedic specialist, but the medical terminology is above my ability to comprehend.

Pain and injury is a result of motor vehicle accident 7 weeks ago. MRI results are from 3 weeks ago and pain has intensified and become worse since then. Currently on crutches and experiencing pain when weight bearing. Have been on crutches for 3 weeks since results below came in that contradicted orthopedic specialists prediction that I was only dealing with a torn meniscus. Meniscus came back fully intact, and findings that were flagged on the MRI report are below.

-CRUCIATE LIGAMENTS: High-grade partial tear of the ACL tendon insertion. The posterior cruciate ligament is intact.
-OSSEOUS AND CARTILAGINOUS STRUCTURES: Osteochondral impaction fracture of the lateral aspect of the lateral tibial plateau with no depression of the articular surface. Bone marrow edema is also present in the proximal fibula, consistent with marrow
contusion. Focal partial thickness cartilage fissuring at the medial patellar facet. No deep chondral defect at the patellofemoral, medial, or lateral compartments.
-MISCELLANEOUS: Small tibiofemoral joint effusion. Small amount of fluid in the pes anserine and MCL bursa.

1. Has anyone had experience with this type of injury? If so, what was recovery like?
2. Can this type of injury be resolved without surgery?
3. Can anyone simplify the language in the portion titled osseous and cartilaginous structures or explain in plain English what the biggest concern is here?

Thanks in advance!!

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  • Neelie knee!
The ACL May need to be reconstructed surgically, not a ligament that heals well and instability can cause other issues including meniscus tears (these are often missed on MRI too) and arthritis. The most serious immediate finding Iíd think

The damage to the patella cartilage may have been caused by the accident it may have been there already due to wear and tear. Very hard to fix, best left if not causing major issues down the line

You have a bone bruise from the impact to the tibia and fibula shin bone, painful, needs to heal, canít be fixed, if bad could be 6-12 months or longer. Recovery from serious knee injury needs to be measured in months not weeks and a good rehab Physio is indispensable

Thereís good info on anatomy and terminology in the learning portfolio. Ossetia refers to bone and cartilaginous the articular cartilage, shiny stuff covering the bones which helps them move smoothly without grinding together (this is what is damaged in arthritis)

Good luck
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LK arthroscopy 8/2/10
2nd scope on 16/12/10
RK arthroscopy on 5/2/15
Lateral meniscus trim, excision of hoffa's fat pad, chondral stabilisation
LK scope 10.1.19 medial menisectomy, trochlea microfracture, general tidy up