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Author Topic: Walking after ACL surgery  (Read 687 times)

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Walking after ACL surgery
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:03:54 PM »
To the ACL-ers here, wondering when you started walking around a bit more after surgery?
I am six weeks in and doing all my physio exercises exactly  as prescribed - 20 minutes on the static bike with low/medium resistance, hamstring, quad and calf exercises every day, plus exercises in the pool a few days a week. The exercises are getting harder, but I like them and the knee seems to be holding up to them, touch wood. My physio seems to be very good and know his stuff.

The one thing that is driving me around the bend is that he is very severely restricting my walking. He says 25-30 minutes in one go (waking to the local supermarket!) is too much, and I should sit down to rest every 5-10 minutes. He thinks until I build up my muscles more, the walking irritates the joint and causes swelling. The swelling in turn inhibits the muscles. I can see his point and Iím cutting down as much as possible. But itís very limiting to my day to to day life and it makes me feel so far away from any normality and so depressed. There seems to be no end in sight either. He previously indicated this was only going to go on to six weeks. But  here I am and the restriction is still on. He wonít give me an indication of when that might change, just that I should stick to it or the situation will drag on.Granted I still have some swelling and occasional acheyness, and Iím also not walking with quite a normal gait. So I am listening to him as much as possible.
But Iíd love to know where others are/were at this point. Was everyone swelling and ache free, back to normal gait? Am I horribly behind where I should be?  And when did you start walking a bit more? How many more weeks of these depressing walking restrictions should I look forward to? Or is there some sort of normality at the end of the tunnel?
And having vented helps too ... ;D
6 Mar 2018 - skiing fall, ACL rupture, MCL and LCL sprain, lateral meniscus tear and bone bruising
13 Apr 2018 - ACL reconstruction with hamstring autograft, small meniscus repair