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Author Topic: Stiff sore knee 7 months post tibial plateau fracture  (Read 1198 times)

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Stiff sore knee 7 months post tibial plateau fracture
« on: May 22, 2018, 07:20:38 PM »
Had a brunt force impact on my knee 7 months ago. The X-rays did not indicate needed surgery. Wore a brace with no weight bearing for 6 weeks.  Did 3 or 4 weekís therapy starting  few weeks before weight bearing.  Although I improved, my knee continued to feel stiff and sore. About 5 months out, it felt as if though my knee was going to give and hurt. Went back to doctor and he gave me a steroid shot.  It helped some. Now Iím 7 months out and I still have a weak sore knee.  The site of the impact is not the sore spot.  It is more to the left and back left side of my knee.  It also aches up the outside of that leg. I am 63 so I know healing will be slow.  But Iím starting to wonder if my knee will ever be normal,at least somewhat normal again or if Iím going to always hobble.  Took a hike down a steep grade to a waterfalls a couple of weeks ago and I had trouble walking for a few days.  Anybody have comments or suggestions?  I believe the tibial plateau fracture is healed but something else is definitely out of wack.  I donít think getting another steroid shot will help. The doctor never had an MRI done on my knee and I wonder to this day if it would have shown other issues  that needed to be dealt with.
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Re: Stiff sore knee 7 months post tibial plateau fracture
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2018, 07:43:24 PM »
I'd find a really good physiotherapist who's got lots of experienced in rehabbing knee injuries in older patients (after fractures and maybe replacements)  and get a land based programme of exercises, also find a hydrotherapy pool and use that regularly. Exercising in the warm water is much easier and less painful than on land (although it's easy to overdo it and feel it for a few days after)

Good luck :)
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