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Author Topic: Post Hamstring ACL reconstruction issues  (Read 1345 times)

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Post Hamstring ACL reconstruction issues
« on: May 21, 2018, 07:28:18 AM »
Hi everyone,

I'm coming up to 6 weeks post ACL reconstruction using my ipsilateral hamstring on right knee after nasty football injury.

Overall I would say that I am recovering quite well but I've noticed a few things which I wanted answers / reassurances if anyone else had similar problems or issues.

1.) ROM

My knee extension seems is about 0 degrees. However I quickly realise that I lose any hyperextension or even regular extension of my knee if I either don't stretch it much or day after strength physio in the gym.

Is this how it is long-term ? Or does it get better with time hopefully when my quads and hamstrings become stronger overall ?

2) still getting sharpish pain from medial.aspecr of knee/upper tibia. Does happen on occasions which are less regular now but still a concern. Would it be better to avoid twisting movements and turn for e.g. in the kitchen and allow to heal base of graft or continue to make my new graft aware of such directions.

3) swelling is coming down much slower than my prehab, is this normal ? I haven't been using as much ice in post rehab just because I read some things about how it can affect screws and tunnel placements due to the screw constricting and expanding on change of temperature. Also heard that it naturally doesn't affect swelling but does help with pain. I was also worried that ice may affect my proprioception.

4) final question really is about the hamstring and how torrid it feels overall. All it wants to do is contract and keep my knee bent. After how long does it take to have unconscious knee extension whilst walking ? Is this linked to the swelling in my knee which is still present.

I really appreciate any responses and I'm glad to have made my first post on this great forum !