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Author Topic: Lachman's test caused torn ACL  (Read 955 times)

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Lachman's test caused torn ACL
« on: April 28, 2018, 03:30:08 PM »
Hello everyone,

Something crazy happened to me. I have had all sorts of problems with my left knee. I tore my ACL 4 years ago playing (American) football in high school. I had it repaired (hamstring graft) but never fully recovered, due to bad graft placement. I developed what is known as a cyclops lesion, which is a big chunk of scar tissue between the tibia and femur. I had to go see a new surgeon to remove it, after my first doctor was unwilling to look at my knee. I felt better after that, but more scar tissue kept developing, and I developed a couple more cyclops lesions and had them removed as well. About 4 months ago my surgeon decided to revise my ACL (Quadriceps tendon graft) to prevent this from happening again. I felt better for a while after the last revision, but now I still have a grinding feeling in my left knee along with some instability and I'm not sure why.

Anyway, that's an abbreviated version of what happened to my left knee, but the crazy thing is I think I may have a torn ACL in my right knee now from a Lachman's test. I am taking an Athletic Training class this semester, and we have to practice special tests on each other for different joints. The day we did the lab for the knee, I felt a little bit of pain while being pulled on for the Lachman's and anterior drawer but nothing out of the ordinary. I noticed a pulsating feeling in my leg a few hours afterwards. Then as I was walking I noticed the feeling of instability just like the first time I tore my ACL in my left knee, but without the swelling or giving way. Later that day, I felt a really sharp pain in my right knee which only lasted for a few seconds as I was standing up, but it subsided.

I never felt any pop, never had any swelling, and never had much pain at all, but I am convinced my right ACL is at least partially torn. It has now been 10 days and I am having a hard time walking without a limp. My knee never fully gave out, but I have sort of tripped a few times. I promise I'm not making this up and I know how ridiculous it sounds. For a few days I thought maybe I was just imagining it or that my ligament felt weird from being stretched, but now I'm quite convinced it's torn. I just have that empty feeling in my knee and I feel like it's always about to give way. I

I will say that even though I feel unstable standing and walking I can still hop and land on my right leg leg. For a while that was enough to make me convinced it wasn't torn. However I know people have had ACL tears go undetected for long periods of time so I think I need to get this checked out, even though I hate to think about all the time and money that's going to be involved with the process, and I can't stand the thought of a sixth surgery now on my good knee of all things.

Has anyone heard of something this crazy happening before, or does anyone even believe this? I didn't think it was possible for a Lachman's to tear an ACL, so I understand if someone doesn't believe it, but I promise I'm not lying about it.
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